“Big” Art

This is your chance to experiment with scale and space. Paint a giant 6-foot canvas. Create a massive 10-foot tall sculpture. This camp will stretch your child’s creativity to the max.

$325 includes all instruction, materials and snack

Sample Schedule
  • Day 1: Big Painting
    On the first day, we’ll spend a little time looking at inspiration and conceptualizing our “big” paintings. Should it be realistic or abstract? Actual size or exaggeration? By the end of the day, we will have begun our large-scale works.
  • Day 2: Big Painting
    A lot of new ideas have probably popped into your head since yesterday. Today, we’ll implement any new thoughts and finish up our paintings.
  • Day 3: Big Sculpture
    Starting with a contextual discussion about large scale sculptures, we’ll find inspiration and begin conceptualizing our “big” sculptures. We’ll experiment with small versions and begin the framework for our eventual masterwork.
  • Day 4: Big Sculpture
    Again, you’ll probably come in with a lot of new ideas you want to try out on your sculpture. We’ll spend most of today exploring, implementing and adjusting.
  • Day 5: The Big Show
    We’ll put final touches on our paintings and sculptures and install our show. Parents and guests are welcome to come see the show an hour before camp ends.

“Big” Art Camps for ages 7-10

July 2-6 from 1 to 4pm. Register here.
July 30-August 3 from 9am to noon. Register here.
August 6-10 from 9am to noon. Register here.