Daniel Bilmes

Daniel Bilmes is an artist in the classic figurative genre, whose paintings are noted for their elegance, refinement and serene humanism.Daniel’s work has been influenced by such masters as Rafael, Repin and Rembrandt, but the artist he most admires is his father and teacher, Semyon Bilmes. Daniel began his artistic education at the age of eight under Semyon’s tutelage. His schooling is deeply rooted in classic 19th century Russian painting tradition, and his style inspired by his multi-cultural upbringing and international travels.At the age of 15 he became an instructor at the Ashland Academy of Art in Southern Oregon (where he taught for 6 years). His work aims to capture the character of his subject in the most sensitive and truthful way possible. He achieves this by digging ever deeper into the human experience, looking for hidden insights, bringing them into significance and onto the canvas.