Fashion as Art

Explore the use of form, shape, color, pattern and texture to make a personal statement through clothing design. At week’s end, we’ll do a fashion photo shoot with the textiles and garments you’ve made! Click here to see the photo shoot from our last camp.

$325 includes all instruction, materials and snack

Sample Schedule
  • Day 1: Inspiration
    We’ll start the camp by looking through magazines, swatches, photographs and art, looking for the kernel of inspiration that will be the foundation of your new collection.
  • Day 2: Textiles
    Today we’ll explore the process of fabric painting, printing, or dyeing. This is the foundation of all fashion design.
  • Day 3: Shapes and Silhouettes
    Sleek or billowy? Wide or narrow? These are choices you will learn to make based on the effect you hope to create.
  • Day 4: Illustration
    Illustration style can profoundly affect the impression of your designs. Today we’ll experiment with a variety of techniques to capture the essence of your collection.
  • Day 5: Creating the book
    Using the materials, drawings and inspiration we’ve collected over the past several days, we’ll put together a concept book for your new fashion collection.

Fashion as Art Camps for ages 10-14

July 9-13 from 1pm to 4pm. Register here.
July 23-27 from 1pm to 4pm. Register here.
August 6-10 from 1pm to 4pm. Register here.
August 13-17 from 9am to noon. Register here.