Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~ Pablo Picasso

At the Manhattan Beach Art Department, our vision is to embrace the importance of becoming familiar with various art materials related to painting and the ability to use them in an encouraging, supportive environment.

MBAD Painting Workshops embrace the notion of exploration and encourages a risk-taking attitude. Beginning and intermediate students work with water-based mediums — exploring the visual challenges of color, scale and space. Interspersed throughout their studio experiences are references to historical and contemporary issues. Whether working with still life, figuration, representation or abstraction, these encounters with paint will help build a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Class Schedule
Painting Teachers
  • Terri Burris Terri paints from focused perspectives of the natural world, filtered and infused with memory and nostalgia. Her palettes emerge directly from her intimate observations of life’s minute details. She is inspired by nature, the character of the weather, faith, music and her family. Terri’s stunning use of color creates subtle layers of imagery, which is unique to each subject. The textured, moody and poetic pieces incorporate crystallized collage fragments to provoke each individuals own thoughts, feelings, memories and imagination.Terri is a recipient of the Women Painters West, Imagination Award. She has exhibited at SKGallery in Venice, CA; Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA; Long Beach Arts in Long Beach, CA; Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA; Finegood Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; Don O’Melvney Gallery in West Hollywood, CA, University Gallery in Seattle, WA; and Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental and Sales Gallery, L.A., CA, among others. She ...
  • Henderson Blumer Henderson Blumer studied at UC San Diego, receiving his BA in both studio art and art history. His focus is currently on crafting arts education for younger students, emphasizing modern and contemporary art history, as well as personal development.  Henderson works in a variety of mediums: paint, sculpture, drawing and digital; all the while emphasizing that the development of the idea behind the artwork is the most important part of the process.